Your quest of the perfect future apartment starts by selecting the perfect real estate developer

Who would not want to have his own apartment, an apartment that has all the ideal characteristics for living, that can accommodate him and keep him away from the outside world.

In general, and as we know, there are three main categories of accommodation in Morocco which are the following :

  • luxury apartments.
  • Mid-range apartments.
  • economic apartments

Therefore, the first step in the process is to choose a suitable type of an apartment. Then we proceed to the second step, which is identifying the features and characteristics desired to ensure an optimal choice regarding your dream apartment:

  • Identify the desired location for the apartment (Downtown, inside or outside the city).
  • Determine the space needed to ensure the comfort of the family (The number of people equals the number of rooms).
  • Availability of security features in the building to ensure the safety (Syndicate office).
  • Availability of transport facilities to ensure ease of travel and work.
  • Availability of facilities such as schools, hospitals, markets and stores

Then comes the third step, and perhaps the most important of them all, which consists of choosing the real estate developer who will accompany you from the beginning of the process to the keys handover. With the increase in number of these real estate developers, some are real, others are fake, and in light of all the problems and challenges that have affected the customer’s relationship with real estate companies recently, trusting one of the developers remains more difficult than choosing the right apartment itself. Your choice of the right real estate developer constitutes 50% of the buying process. Therefore, we will present you all the significant factors to take into consideration while choosing the real estate developer.

  • A professional real estate developer is one who has a strong reputation and a long-term history in the real estate market.The history of a developer shows its consistency and the strength. Years of experience and knowledge in the real estate market are worth trust.
  • The successful real estate developer is the one who is actively and permanently present on social networks. Thanks to the Internet, it has become very easy to know the factual and detailed biography of any real estate developer and its construction record.
  • A competent real estate developer is the one who focuses on the advantage of immediate and direct communication with clients, and with the ability to personally inspect its projects and ensure its presence on the market.

In case you decide to buy an apartment off plan, that is, an apartment on paper that has not yet been built, the first thing you should do is to go directly to the model apartment and examine it carefully and make sure :

  • The surface area, how the apartment is divided, and the number of rooms.
  • The type of paint, wood and marble used.
  • Check the condition of the building, the condition of the ceiling and the floor.
  • Make sure there are settings for electricity, water, gas, air conditioning and ventilation.
  • Make sure there are safety devices and alarms in place.
  • Make sure if the apartment is located on the lower or upper floors
  • It is also necessary to check the papers of the apartment yourself and make sure that the legal licenses, property transfer procedures and the purchase & sale contract are correct.

In conclusion, buying an apartment nowadays is one of the most important experiences in life that must be done in a successful way. We have tried to clarify all the important points and requirements in this article for your own benefit. With 40 years of experience and achievements, Groupe AAFER immobilier is one of the pioneers of real estate developers in the luxury housing category. Thanks to the quality of its projects and the fluidity of its services, Groupe AAFER immobilier has managed to satisfy over 3,600 clients from both inside and outside Morocco. This has allowed it to continue developing and building the best projects in the real estate market such as « BORJ AL ANDALOUS & BORJ AL ANDALOUS 2 » which are located in Malabata one of the most prestigious districts of Tangier, that is characterized by its proximity to a series of hotels, restaurants and international brands.

Finally, we invite you to visit our projects through immediate and free meetings with our team at the following address: Borj al Andalous, first floor, office N°1, Malabata, Tangier, or go directly to the sales offices located in Tangier and Tetouan. For more information, we invite you to visit our website


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