7 essential criteria for choosing your company’s office

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Choosing your company’s office location is a vital decision that will significantly affect your efficiency, employee happiness, and overall development. When deciding on this matter, various considerations must be taken into account, such as the place, dimensions, facilities, and infrastructure. Additionally, the real estate developer plays a vital role in evaluating the quality and suitability of the office space according to your specific requirements.

When selecting a site for your company’s office, it is important to take into account a range of different factors:


Picking the correct office location is essential for both your staff and customers. Convenient public transportation availability is a key consideration. Are there taxis and bus stations in close proximity? Furthermore, having access to coffee shops and gyms in the vicinity can also be advantageous. Having enough parking space is crucial for accommodating both employees and visitors. Additionally, it is crucial to guarantee that the area is safe and secure for the health and safety of both your employees and customers.


An expert can help you locate a place within your budget, taking into account parking and maintenance expenses. Although it is important to stick to a reasonable budget, selecting an office purely based on price could lead to getting an office that does not meet your needs. Balancing affordability and satisfaction is crucial when choosing an office that meets your needs and keeps you content. Groupe AAFER immobilier can offer the finest office selections at highly competitive rates.


The standard space per individual is typically 6.5 square meters, but for larger businesses, a bigger space will be necessary. This will enable your staff to have bigger desks and additional storage spaces. Having a designated meeting location is important for meeting with clients and staff. The meeting table’s shape can vary based on company size, with round, square, and rectangular tables being popular choices. Comfortable chairs are also crucial because meetings can frequently last a considerable period of time. When selecting office space for your business, it is important to consider all of these factors.


Infrastructure is the basic physical and organizational structures and facilities needed for the operation of a society or enterprise. When selecting an office space, the technology infrastructure should be taken into account, as it plays a crucial role. Accessing high-speed internet and reliable phone and data connections is crucial in the modern business landscape for productivity and communication.

Ensuring the office space you select has the essential infrastructure to meet your business requirements is crucial. This includes the capacity to set up servers and phone systems if needed, as well as having appropriate sockets like RJ45, electricity, and HDMI in strategic locations. Also, take into account the presence of technology service providers in the vicinity and their ability to offer the necessary support for your business. When selecting an office space, it is crucial to consider incorporating the appropriate technology infrastructure, as it can greatly affect the success of your business.

The view:

The outlook from your workplace can greatly affect the morale and productivity of your team. An impressive view of a public park or a renowned attraction in your city can enhance your company’s image and the well-being of your employees. Moreover, the presence of natural light is crucial in order to establish a healthy and calming workspace. Having a productive and active team will increase the likelihood of reaching your goals successfully. Therefore, it is important to take into account the view and natural lighting as key elements when selecting your office space.

Noise level:

The level of noise is a key factor to think about when selecting a workspace. Sounds from outside sources, like cars driving by and construction work happening nearby, can cause significant disruptions and affect the efficiency of workers. This element may become particularly crucial depending on the company’s activities and if they need tranquility to function properly. Hence, it is crucial to find a spot that is not near loud areas, particularly if your staff require a peaceful atmosphere for concentration and productivity.

Yet, internal disturbances can present a major concern as well. For example, open office layouts are currently popular, yet they have the potential to generate excessive noise and a noticeable absence of privacy. To address this problem, you might want to install soundproofing materials and let employees use headphones to reduce outside noise. Additionally, take into account the office’s layout and make sure the kitchen or break area is positioned in a way that will not disrupt employees. An environment that is peaceful and quiet is necessary in order for workers to remain productive and motivated.

Real estate developer:

Selecting an office space for your company is highly dependent on the role of the real estate developer. The developer’s role involves creating, constructing, and up keeping the office building. With their decisions having a significant impact on the functionality, safety, and overall quality of the space. Researching the developer’s reputation and record of accomplishment is crucial to confirm their history of delivering top-notch properties, and creating offices that cater to businesses’ requirements. Collaborating with a trustworthy developer can provide assurance that your office will be constructed and looked after properly, allowing for a lasting tenancy.

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In conclusion, selecting the correct office space is essential for the prosperity of your company. Factors to take into account include location, size, infrastructure, view, noise level, and the reputation of the real estate developer. Utilizing their expertise in real estate development, Groupe AAFER immobilier is capable of helping you locate the ideal office space for your business. We recognize the significance of offering a conducive and cozy workplace for your staff, and we guarantee that your office area fulfills all your needs.

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Do not hesitate to reach out to us; we are more than happy to assist you in choosing your company’s office space that will suit your business type.

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